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Welcome to Harvest Hills Ranch!

“Food should not be a compromise.”
- Dr. Arland Hill



We don't think eating healthy should mean bland and monotonous. Rather, a diet filled with variety and that offers all the nutrition nature intended is our vision. At Harvest Hills Ranch, animals and plants work together to build the productivity of the farm, but more importantly give you several options to stimulate your senses and feel good about your food choices.

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About Us

Harvest Hills Ranch grew out of a legacy of farming and an education in nutrition. As a 7th generation farmer, the lifestyle is in my blood. Yet a lifestyle without purpose is not a recipe for making an impact.

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Education, entertainment, enlightenment! These are just a few of the reasons we bring you videos. Sit down, learn how we grow and raise your food. Let us make you laugh with our unexpected goofy moments and maybe along the way we can inspire you to think different about what you think you know when it comes to food.

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At Harvest Hills Ranch, we strive to be more than a farm. We want to be an experience. For some that means going beyond food and coming out for a visit. Yet, we understand that not everyone is looking for the same thing when they visit. Therefore, we offer different options to satisfy your interest.

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Applying Regenerative Agriculture to Amplify Human Nutrition as Nature Intended.

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Around the Farm

Since we started Harvest Hills Ranch, we have been thrilled to share it with others. We value the life that we have. Make no mistake, farming and ranching is not easy. However, the rewards are countless. They simply make us that much more appreciative as we take you “around the farm” and share our animals, our laughs, and who we are.

To see more about our adventures on the farm, please head over to our videos page! We would love for you to get to know about us and your food!